Veterinary series-2
Veterinary series-2

Accurately measure and control the infusion rate

Friendly and intuitive operation interface

Unique design of 12.1 inch LED display and 5° tilt angle

Three waveforms can be displayed on the same screen, all parameters are displayed clearly and intuitively

Full touch operation, parameter setting and ventilation mode conversion are quick and efficient.

Veterinary series-2
Veterinary series-2

Powerful ventilation function

ELUNA70 is equipped to meet the different ventilation functions of patients with various diseases to support diversified clinical needs

Using top-level proportional solenoid valve, precise flow control, minimum tidal volume up to 15ml

The PRVC ventilation mode is suitable for all types of patients, including infants and young children, who suffer from acute pneumonia, pulmonary hemorrhage, type I and type II respiratory failure, shock, heart failure, and hypoxemia.

Integrated circuit design


Highly integrated, short anesthesia response time

Standard configuration bypass switch, convenient to replace soda lime during operation

Built-in integral heating module to reduce the generation of condensate

Withstand 134℃ high temperature and high pressure disinfection

Veterinary series-2

Accurate gas monitoring module

The world's top gas monitoring technology supports the monitoring of carbon dioxide gas and anesthetic gas, and provides anesthesia safety guarantee

Veterinary series-2
Veterinary series-2

Stable anesthetic gas vaporizer

Realize precise compensation of pressure, flow rate, and temperature to ensure accurate and stable output concentration of anesthetics

Obtained CE certification, large capacity, convenient for intraoperative use